Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fustvatnet in Vefsn

This postcard from the 1920's shows the Fustvatnet. The lake is the largest lake in all of Vefsn, and is situated 10 km to the north from Mosjoen. Many of our ancestors were farmers and cotters around this lake. Some of the farms they lived in are: Forsmo, Aspnes, Haukland, Risnes, Ånes, Åkvik, Brækken (Lille Smedseng) and Store-Smedseng ("Big Smedseng") . They also lived in farms in the hills that surrounds the lake, like Hellefjellet and Reinfjellet.

The Forsmo farm were Mathea and Andreas Forsmo were farmers, is south of the lake. Matheas younger sister, Josefine Dorthea, lived in the Aspnes farm with her husband Edvard. This farm was sold out of the family in the 1970`s, and today this is a camping site. Josefine and Edvard had a son, Noralf ("i Aspneset") who emmigrated to the U.S., and died in Arlington, Snohomish county, Washington.
The sisters grew up in the Brekken ("Brækken") farm,  north-east of the lake. Their parents were Nils and Bina (Jakobine Agersborg) Brekken. Their younger brother, Johan Brekken ("Brækken"), became farmer on Brekken when their paretns retired. His granddaughter, Gunnbjørg, is farmer here today.

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