Monday, May 2, 2011


This blog is dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of Tormod Andreassen Forsmo (Tom Fossmo) and Magda Alvhilde Nilsdatter Hagfors.  Tom Fossmo immigrated into the United States at Ellis Island, New York with his father-in-law, Nils Mikael Nilsen Hagfors, on July 17, 1914.  They had come to America on the oceanliner Aquitania.  They settled in Moose Lake, Carlton County, Minnesota, where they established themselves, before Magda and her mother, Petra Amalie Nilsdatter Renfjeld, immigrated (Magda on August 27, 1915, with her sister Nanna; Petra on September 16, 1919 with 5 children).  The families had come from Mosjoen, Norland, Norway, a town not far from the Artic Circle.  Tom's parents, Andreas Petersen Forsmo and Mathea Pauline Nilsdatter Smedseng remained in Norway. 

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