Saturday, May 7, 2011

Surname/Farmname Origins

Our Forsmo and Hagfors surnames came from farms in the Vefsn municipality.  A comprehensive survey of all the farmnames in Norway was researched and published by Oluf Rygh in "Norske Gaardnavne".  Here are the entries from Rygh's research for the farms that generated our surnames:

Forsmo / Fossmo comes from the farm name Forsmoen Indre, which was a farm dating from at least 1610. It was north of Mosjoen, near the waterfalls at the outlet of the Fustavatn (Fusta Lake).  "Indre" meant "inner" or "nearby".  There was another Forsmoen, further north, but it was called "Ytre", since it was "further out" or "outer".

Hagfors was a farm also named after a waterfall, but south of Mosjoen near Skjerva.  It to dates from at least 1610. 

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